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Handy Man Dan

Aging In Place Services

This service arose from my parents and father-in-law living alone. 

it aims to help allow aging home owners who want to live in their own home through their retirement years. Aging in place is now very common, and there are many benefits to seniors living their own home.

What we do for those wanting to stay in their own home is a monthly visit to do all the maintenance, repairs and upgrades required for the house that month.

We take all the worry out of sons, daughters or caregivers who may need to visit the house to replace a light bulb, though they live far away.


Additionally we will install all kinds of items to make the house more senior friendly: from video doorbells to more lighting around hallways, kitchens and baths.  We even install home automation for seniors.

Here is what we offer every month:

  • The SAME person every month in UNIFORM will come to the house for safety and comfort of the senior.

  • Performing maintenance on the house once a month on the SAME day at the SAME time every month.

  • Speak with owner (or son/daughter/caregiver) and go over anything that needs to get fixed or needs attention for the month.

  • Do a walk-around the outside of the house to check for any issues or upkeep that needs to be addressed, as well as light cleanup.

  • Do a walk-through from the basement to the top floor checking lights fixtures, plumbing and electrical for any issues.

  • Do all repairs around the house from an agreed-upon list of concerns (extra cost if parts required).

  • Seasonally change screens in the house, do window washing outside, change the air filter and change the humidifier filter (cost of filters not included).

  • Plus anything else you need done or have concerns as each house has different issues.


  • We are on call during the day in case something becomes an emergency.

  • If something needs a contractor to be fixed, we will find one to fix the job and consult with home owner and caregiver.

  • If there is something else you need while at the monthly visit, please don't hesitate to ask!

This service is only $19 a month.

(approx 2 hours of time at house)

(There is limited space available, so don't wait!)

Call Dan at 248-895-6317 to confirm availability

We service Northville, Novi, Plymouth, South Lyon and surrounding areas.

You also can fill out the form below if you want to send me an email.

Thanks! Message sent.

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